Quote Tag, Part 3

This is a day late guys! Yesterday I was bike riding, meal making, dog walking, church attending, and then theater going. Between then I ate, showered, and passed out on a recliner for a few minutes. Oh, and made rice crispy treats. 😄 Today I took a train to Santa Fe, so I couldn’t write once again.

“Get to the quote thing already, Abbie!” Alright, alright. Here I go.


This is my absolute favorite hymn, and maybe my favorite Christian song ever. It reminds me to keep my focus on being like Jesus, and to keep Him as the true director of my life. As an older kid I’ve started to pay attention to the songs we sing as praise to God, and to sing them with passion instead of just sort of mumbling the words I had memorized to the tune that I’d grown to like. Not that I’ve ever been reluctant to sing in church, I’ve always loved to. But to really think about what I was doing and about the words I was saying was something I didn’t do as often as I should’ve when I was younger.

Alrighty! My last tag nominations are

  1. Abbie from https://abbieemusicblog.com (I think Nina already tagged you, but consider yourself double tagged. 😆)
  2. Mary from https://maryburroughstribe.com
  3. and Bailey from https://theharadchronicles.wordpress.com

This blog tag was a lot of fun! I would love to be tagged some more in the future. (Hint hint, nudge nudge.)

2 thoughts on “Quote Tag, Part 3

  1. This is a beautiful hymn, and I too find myself much more drawn to the lyrics of hymnody now than I ever was a a child! I’m glad you had fun, I’ll try to remember to tag you more often(I’m so horrible with tags/tagging lol)

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