Blog Birthday & Giveaway! (Update – now over) 

The giveaway is over, thank you to all who entered! Let me know how you all liked it. I’d love to do another one sometime! 

It’s been an entire year since I started my blog, and wow, has life changed since then! Last September my family was still living with my grandparents in Arizona. My mom had recently started her blog and I enjoyed writing little posts on hers, so I decided to begin my own. I spent that day in the back room, clicking and typing away at the computer, occasionally creeping out to ask my mom questions. Figuring out the quirks of WordPress. And facepalming in frustration because of the quirks of WordPress (which I still do sometimes). But it was a lot less complicated than I first thought. 

I love blogging! I don’t post as much as I should, and it hasn’t exactly boomed. But it’s done what it was intended to do, which is share the love and encouragement of Jesus with others in the broadest way that I can. It’s also gotten me into the community of Christian bloggers, which I didn’t even consider at the beginning but now they’re some of my dearest friends! 

So, in honor of one year and also all you readers, I’m going to do a giveaway! 

The prize will be a package of goodies handpicked by me. 

To get one entry you must follow my blog. That’s it! But for one additional entry each you can 

  1. Comment below and/or
  2. Give my blog a shoutout on social media.

BUT for 3 additional entries, you can give Chronicles in Bloom a shoutout on your own blog. 

The giveaway ends September 29th, which is a week from today. At which time I will draw names and announce the winner! Then I will contact the winner and get their mailing address. 

I will post specifics about what the prize will be, but it will include a notebook that I picked myself. I know THAT for sure. 😂

Thank you all so much for reading and following and leaving lovely comments on my blog! And a special thank you to all my blogger friends, because you guys really encourage me to keep writing. 

I ❤️ you guys! 

30 thoughts on “Blog Birthday & Giveaway! (Update – now over) 

  1. Congratulations on your anniversary!! This is so cool because the giveaway ends on the day of my birthday! 😀 I’m so glad that we got to be friends on Instagram and we’re now writing each other fun letters. ❤ I can't wait to see what new posts your second year of blogging will bring. 🙂

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  2. I’m so glad we met! It’s a really big deal having a blog and the work put into it is really tiring, but I’m so glad you’ve reached 1 year!!! Well done, Abbie. 👍👍 You done good. 😂😂

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  3. Hi!!! I just found you on pinterest believe it or not…and I related to you in many ways like I’m also homeschooled,a Christian,and LOVE the hobbit. I just followed you blog and pinned this on my wish board. You seem like a pretty AMAZING person and I can’t wait for more posts on the blog!!!!!

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    • Hi Chloe! Welcome to my blog and it’s so nice to meet you! Don’t you just LOVE finding relatable people on Pinterest? It’s da best, especially if they have a blog too! By the way, do you have a blog? 😁 Ahhh thank you so much!!!!


  4. I love it! I’m so happy to connect with you this way and get a little insight to my beautiful niece! I’ve sent a few people your way to check you out! Not sure if they have! Happy anniversary and keep it up love!

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  6. I LITERALLY JUST STUMBLED UPON YOUR BLOG BUT HI HAPPY BLOG BIRTHDAY!!!! I love your blog already, it’s so cool. (Like the first picture in your last post IS SO GOALS. It makes me want to drop everything and go on a road trip or something. TRAVELLLL.) Anyways, it’s so awesome that you’re doing a giveaway! I’ve never done one…but maybe someday i’ll work up the guts to. 🙂

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