A Busy Few Weeks

Can you guess what these past few weeks have been like? Yep, busy. So I’m just going to do a recap with a lot of pictures because we’ve done some fun things lately!

I’ll start with the Owl Cafe. This place was CUTE! It had that 50’s diner feel down. Add plenty of New Mexico charm and you get, well, cuteness. I got a California burger, which was pretty tasty (and HUGE). The fries were super good too. For a pre-meal snack they give you little bowls of homemade beans with a spoonful of green chile on top. Uh, YUM!


We’ve been getting a lot of storms and clouds lately. One storm interrupted a youth group soccer/ultimate frisbee evening at the park. Everyone barely made it into their cars before it started hailing like crazy. The only casualties were a few pizzas that were forgotten on the grass. But that was quickly forgotten by me when I saw the double rainbow. Ahhhh it was beautiful!

My Auntie Ali flew in on Sunday! She’s leaving today, which is sad, but we’ve had a lot of fun with her.

We went to a Taco Cabana. This one was particularly adorable!

Mom, Auntie, Liz, and I went to Flying Star Cafe for a fun and relaxing all girls hour. I had a delicious cup of earl grey tea and a gluten free brownie.

Yesterday for mom’s birthday we went to Old Town Albuquerque. Many of the buildings there had been built in 1706. It was pretty neat!

So, it’s been a lot of fun! What have you guys been busy with lately? 

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