My Top 18 for 2018

2018 IS HERE!!!I’m excited about the new year. I wanted to put together a list of my top 18 things for 2018 in hopes that maybe these things would also improve your year! Enjoy!The Magnolia Journal! I’ve never seen a more beautiful magazine ever. It’s so inspiring, the little stories always bring tears to my eyes, and the recipes look divine.Girl Defined Ministries. Sooo convicted and encouraged by both their videos and written posts.NingXia Red, I love you. THE tastiest supplement ever, its jam packed with antioxidants and all kinds of amazing nutrients.Savvy Minerals Makeup. I’ve never been more excited about makeup than I am about this brand. Its gorgeous, healthy, non toxic, and cruelty free. Basically it’s the best makeup I’ve ever had.Super Cal Plus. I just got this in the mail and I’m so excited to use it! It has vitamin D and magnesium in it, which I’m 98% sure I’m deficient in so I’m excited to see how it’ll shake things up. All I’ve heard about it is how amazing it is!!Lemon, because I’m using it constantly and I want my life in 2018 to be just as fresh and happy! Joy, because who doesn’t need that? This happy oil keeps my brain where it needs to be, in a state of joy. Frankincense. Frankincense always. This amazing oil has helped boost my immune system, it clears brain fog, and smelling it makes my mood elevate like 127%.Vanity Fair, a Christmas present from my parents. It’s a big, classic book and I’m so excited to read it!North by Northwest. We started this movie and never got to finish it! I want to rewatch it this year.Dunkirk. A movie my dad raves about that I want to see. So. Bad.My Nikon D3200 camera. It was a gift from my great great uncle and I love taking photos with it!Thrift stores/flea markets/antique stores. I love finding treasures at places like these.Golden Pothos. After the disasters that succulents turned out to be, these beautiful, easy plants are encouraging. If you want to shop plants in 2018, steer clear of succulents and most cactus and head towards Lowe’s to get a Golden Pothos.Dewdrop diffuser. My diffuser is almost always going. I love mixing up different oils and experimenting with scents and benefits. Right now I have Cedarwood, Grapefruit, and Cinnamon Bark diffusing in mine. It smells AMAZING.RNI Films app. Thank you to Nina for introducing me to this STUNNING PHOTO EDITING APP. It’s my favorite photo editor ever. It makes your photos look vintage and lovely. (I used it for all these photos.)Lady Grey tea. I love tea, and this flavor in particular. It’s so fresh and light! How I want my year to be!Update: I no longer recommend the Ref Guide 4 EOs app. And that’s it! My 18 favorite things for 2018!