Things I liked before they were trendy:

Avocado toast

Ahem. My dad is 1/2 Chilean. Avocado toast is a staple. It doesn’t need any of that fancy stuff though, just some pepper, large grain salt, and a squeeze of lemon juice and you’re good to go mejita. 

Rose gold

I used to browse engagement rings on Etsy obsessively almost 5 years ago. I LOVVVEEED all the rose gold rings. Now you can find rose gold laundry hampers. 

High waisted jeans

They fit me better, look better on me, and suit the 50s vibe I’ve been inspired by since I watched Sabrina (starring Queen Audrey Hepburn) around 5 years ago. Could never find these except online until very recently. 

Neck scarves 

French, a la Audrey Roman Holiday, chic, and practical. How could I not love them? However, I couldn’t find them outside of antique stores till Spring 2017. 

Cat-eye sunglasses 

So 50s chic. Also became a trend Spring 2017. 


I was born in Arizona. During car trips back to visit family it was a tradition that whoever saw the first saguaro cactus got a quarter. (I’ve always been tempted to eat a prickly pear fruit. My mouth waters when I look at them. I still have no idea what they taste like.) And now you can find cactus print on everything. Or baby cactus in any home. 

Wonder Woman 

Before Gal Gadot mega-graced the big screens, I already loved the best female superhero in existence. TBH I got a bit jealous when literally everyone on earth was such a big fan of her record-breaking debut this year. WHY DID IT TAKE THE WORLD THIS LONG. 

Embroidered clothing

Just brings me back to when I was still little. Now everyone and their aunt Lucy has an embroidered baseball cap. 


A lovely red gingham dress with black accents just screams “toddler growing up in the early 2000s midwest” to me. Too specific? 

Gluten free stuff

All these new GF dieters don’t know what it was like pre “gluten free fad”. There wasn’t a GF bun option at your local burger place way back in 2009 when my brothers first had gluten cut out of their diets. Most people didn’t even know what gluten was, let alone have an alternative. 

3 ways that MBTI has helped me and 3 big MBTI mistakes I’ve learned to avoid

If you’ve been on the internet for long enough you’ve probably come across MBTI (which stands for Meyers-Briggs Type Indicator) chatter or lists. It’s something I’ve become mildly obsessed with in the past two years because it is to interesting and just fun! But in my experience there are upsides as well as downsides to the MBTI. Here are three of each. 

  1. MBTI is a great way to figure yourself out. I’m sure everyone at some point in their life has felt like they were a crazy weirdo. MBTI helps relieve some of that. You learn that there are other people like you out there. 
  2. It can assist you out of ruts in your personality. I’m an ISFJ, but when I first took the test (in a rough part of my life) I got ISTJ. I realized later on that it’s common for ISFJs to become jaded during trying periods of their lives. I read about how ISFJs can get unstuck from a apathetic state and move on and it helped me. I’m a Feeler if there ever was one. 
  3. It helps you understand people. Finding out someone’s personality type is for me like finding buried treasure. There’s so much information, so many resources. So many ways you can easily figure out how to encourage them, help them through a rough time, or just be understanding to them. 
  1. Blaming character flaws on your personality type and then not even attempting to change them because that’s “how you are” is very wrong but very easy to fall into. As an ISFJ, I usually see “passive aggressive” on the list of ISFJ faults. I see that as a way to change those behavioral patterns in my life. But that can also be used as an easy excuse to continue to be passive aggressive. 
  2. You shouldn’t use someone’s type against them. Or be prejudiced against certain people because you know about their types and have pre-conceived notions about who they are as a person. Also I don’t recommend paying too much attention to any list that say your type “shouldn’t get along with/like” this type. As God’s children we’re supposed to love EVERYONE. I suggest reading every MBTI article with a large grain of Bible salt. 
  3. Don’t try to change yourself to be a more stereotypical version of your “type”. There are billions of people in this world and billions who have lived before us and no two people are exactly alike. God created us all with individual personalities and souls. He’s an artist who didn’t paint only 16 portraits, but billions. We shouldn’t shove ourselves into a box for the box’s sake. It’s unhealthy and insulting to our Creator. 

Do you have MBTI tips or warnings? What is your “type”? Leave a comment! 

DISCLAIMER: MBTI is NOT in any way involved with astrology or horoscopes. It’s based on research and science and not superstition (which can be an understandable assumption at first glance). 

2nd Blogiversary & Givaway 

Hello lovelies! ❤️

It’s been too long since I posted something of substance on this cobweb-collecting corner of the internet. I’m not a very good blogger but I do think about my readers a lot and it’s the thought that counts right? *cries in shame* 

ANYWHO! My blog has existed for two whole years now! I started it in the back room of my Nana’s house in Arizona. I worked on it for an entire day. I still haven’t figured out the ins and out 100% and I’m (obviously) still not posting consistently, but so many of you have humbled me by talking about how much my blog has impacted you and I’m surprised every time. I pause and I’m like “Wow God. You knew what You we’re doing when You inspired me to start this seemingly silly, insignificant blog.” 

You guys are what keep this thing going. So I want to thank you with a giveaway. (And maybe a video at some point?)

SO. In order to enter you must:

  1. Be following my blog and
  2. Answer the following questions:
  • What is your greatest passion that is unique to you?
  • What unique gift has God given (or is cultivating in) you that pertains to how you relate to other people? Are you empathetic? A good listener? A great practical helper? 
  • What is one of your weaknesses and how is God working you through it? 

You can either comment them below or on my corresponding Instagram or Facebook posts since commenting on blogs is sometimes a hassle. 😂

After you all have commented I will assign you a number and then use a random generator to pick a number for me. The giveaway will close November 19th and I will chose a winner on November 20th. 

“…But…what’s in the giveaway?”

 I’m collecting little ideas here and there already, and more details will follow. 😉

Thank you for reading! ❤️ Hopefully I’ll come up with something interesting to post on here soon. It’s been a weird year. 😂