The Little Gifts


I did a little bit of (very) free verse poetry on Thursday. Sometimes I’ll do free verse like this, not paying much attention to rhyme or rhythm. They’re usually prayers, so I keep them to myself, but I think it’s so important to thank God for the little things He does in our lives, because they really can be overshadowed or shoved aside. I’m learning to appreciate them as I should.

I love it when You give me little gifts.
The ones I treasure in my heart,
And smile at.
The miracles You do because you love me.

Like that time when I splashed my hot cheeks with water,
And just then
A beautiful breeze swept into the yard,
Cooling them sweetly.
I smiled up at the sky,
Knowing that little gift was from You.

Or that time when I read Your words,
“Talitha, cumi.”
And my tears overflowed as I was reminded:
I am Your little girl.

Or those times when I am crying,
Mourning my fears, loneliness, or frustrations,
And my soul yearns for You.
Then I feel Your peace,
And I can imagine the day when I’ll finally get to hug You.

Or like that day,
You woke me up with thunder
And I was able to see a rainbow.

And it makes me smile.

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