One thought on “Adventures in Fiction

  1. Hi there!
    My name is Halee, and I am a representative for Crown of Beauty Magazine. I was surfing the net for beautiful, encouraging, uplifting blogs, and I’m so happy that I found yours! It’s seriously amazing, I love it. ❤ Keep up the amazing work!

    The reason that I wanted to send you a message, is because our magazine would love to partner with you. Our founder, Livy, just released a brand new book called Secrets of Royalty, which is all about discovering your royal identity in Christ. It seems like something your readers would really resonate with. We’ve been setting up a fun little blog tour, and we’d love for your blog to get involved, if you’re interested! ❤ There are several ways you can get involved;

    One way would be, a guest post swap. Your lovely little blog, and Crown of Beauty could swap posts!

    Another idea, is to interview our founder! She’s really passionate about reaching young women & it might be something your readers really enjoy.

    Or, you could even do a little review for Secrets of Royalty. You could read some sample chapters, or the entire thing (whatever floats your boat) then post about your thoughts.

    Are you interested in be a part of our little Blog Tour? If so, what sounds the most fun? We’d love for you to! ❤

    Looking forward to hearing from you,
    Crown of Beauty Magazine

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