Meg March is me, I am Meg March

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As a young girl reading Little Women I always wanted to be like Jo March. She was fun and spritely and witty, and had really lively friends. She was a passionate writer and a (sometimes impractical) thinker. She was bold and said what she thought with frankness. In some ways I am like Jo: I am a writer and a (sometimes too practical) thinker. Sometimes I just outright “say it how it is” without thinking twice about how it might effect other people. But, as much as I aspired to be a Jo, I’m a Meg through and through.

I am the down to earth oldest sister, who may be seen as the wet blanket in a group of siblings and/or cousins because of my conscious and practicality. I am proud to a fault, and it’s my pride that keeps me stoic sometimes. I try my very best to keep our home running smoothly, effectively, and cheerfully, but I tend to find myself complaining about the very same things Meg does.

“Why do I have to deal with kids who can be so unpleasant sometimes?”

“I wish I had nicer clothes and plenty of money to spend on things and outings.”

“I wish I had lots of fun friends like so and so.”

“I wish I was as accomplished as so and so.”

And just like Meg, I have not yet fully “learned to know how rich [I am] in blessings which alone can make life happy.” (From Little Women by Louisa May Alcott) But, I am learning. I may not be able to afford the wardrobe I want, but I’m never hungry. I may not be able to go on expensive outings, but I have a comfortable home where all my physical needs are met. I may not have tons of friends, but I have parents, grandparents, aunts, uncles, siblings, and cousins who truly love and care about me. I may not be greatly accomplished, but God has blessed me with many hobbies and gifts that I could maybe some day use to the point of being accomplished.


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I want to encourage all the seemingly overlooked and depressed or discouraged Meg’s out there. Don’t be discouraged! God made you the way you are with a plan in mind. Remember that, even though Meg wanted to live in luxury and be pampered the rest of her life, she married a kind, lovely man and had sweet children and lived in a cottage where she had to work hard and was never wealthy, but she was happy and content. (That sounds like a dream to me!)

Which of the characters in Little Women do you identify with the most? Are you encouraged by the wise words in this 150+ year old classic? Leave a comment! 

11 thoughts on “Meg March is me, I am Meg March

    • Thank you! ❤️ They definitely are. You learn so much more when you have to be content when life is not what you want it to be, because you rely so much more on Jesus for your joy. Thanks for commenting Halee!


  1. I’ve always thought I was more like Jo, too – the writer, (sometimes too) confident, and has her own kind of silly sillyness. But I don’t think I’ve wanted to admit that my heart leans more on the Meg side- wanting nice clothes, people to think highly of me, and searching for contentedness. Praise God He still sheads His bountiful Grace on sinners that search for other, deceivingly better things!
    (By the way, I LOVE the dress at the top!)

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    • Thank you!!! 😘 Marmee says so many wise things, most of them still completely applicable. I need to read through it again, and start a fan-fiction au when Laurie and Jo get married. But, alas, it will never be canon. 😩


  2. I loved this post! Little Women is one of my all time favorite books. It really inspired me to try my best to be content, and to be more helpful! 🙂 I want to read it again!

    My older sister is 100% like Jo, and my youngest sister is exactly like Amy, and they both say I’m like Beth. I suppose I can see it… On the internet I’m outgoing, but in real life I’m generally quiet, shy, and very very very emotional/sensitive. My brave, outspoken sisters do the talking for me! 😂

    Again this was a great post!

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    • Thank you so much!!! 💖 It definitely inspires me to do the same every time I read it. I love how I can enjoy a fictional book that is not just for Christians (if you get what I mean) and God still uses it to convict me. ☺️

      I have a younger sister who is a lot like Jo with a bit of Beth, and another younger sister who is a lot like Amy. I definitely understand being outgoing on the internet and reserved in real life! My social skills are improving though and I wouldn’t say I’ve ever been shy, just nervous around new people. 😉 I do a lot of talking for my Jo/Beth sister. 😂

      Thank you so much for commenting! ❤️

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