Being an Oldest Sister: Pros and Cons

1. Pro:

You get first dibs and first say in pretty much everything.







“You want the leftover coffee? HAHAHA YOU THOUGHT!”


2. Con:

You also are responsible for pretty much everything.

“How was I supposed to know they didn’t make their bed?”


3. Pro:

All your siblings look up to you and adore you.

4. Con:

They fight for your approval.

“But I love ALL of you. Equally.”


5. Pro:

You get to stay up late and hang out with your parents.

“Binge Parks and Rec and gobble ice cream? YeAS PLEAZZZ!”


6. Con:

Finishing a conversation with them in the middle of the day is rare.

*How I look when a sibling interrupts me for the millionth time*


7. Pro:

There’s always someone to cuddle with.