The Little Gifts


I did a little bit of (very) free verse poetry on Thursday. Sometimes I’ll do free verse like this, not paying much attention to rhyme or rhythm. They’re usually prayers, so I keep them to myself, but I think it’s so important to thank God for the little things He does in our lives, because they really can be overshadowed or shoved aside. I’m learning to appreciate them as I should.

I love it when You give me little gifts.
The ones I treasure in my heart,
And smile at.
The miracles You do because you love me.

Like that time when I splashed my hot cheeks with water,
And just then
A beautiful breeze swept into the yard,
Cooling them sweetly.
I smiled up at the sky,
Knowing that little gift was from You.

Or that time when I read Your words,
“Talitha, cumi.”
And my tears overflowed as I was reminded:
I am Your little girl.

Or those times when I am crying,
Mourning my fears, loneliness, or frustrations,
And my soul yearns for You.
Then I feel Your peace,
And I can imagine the day when I’ll finally get to hug You.

Or like that day,
You woke me up with thunder
And I was able to see a rainbow.

And it makes me smile.

Fresh Eyes and Heart


Don’t you love coming home from church on a Sunday afternoon and just marveling at God? It’s an amazing feeling that nothing else really compares to. I love learning something new about my Best Friend and I seem to be doing this a lot, as I’m going to a church that really seems to dig deep into the character of God, and also as I’m growing in Christ and continuing to pursue a real relationship with Him. This week during a youth service we went over a well known few verses in the Bible: when Jesus calmed the storm and asked the disciples where their faith was. (Luke 8:22-25) It’s one of those Bible stories that you read or get read as a little kid over and over again. To the point where you think you know it so well and you don’t really explore it. But this time it was different for me.

I found myself in complete awe of Jesus! I imagined myself there with Him. I imagined Jesus standing up in the boat that was tossed by the terrifying waves and jerked by the savage wind, surrounded by men who really thought they were going to die, and rebuking the storm in a powerful voice. And then it stopping! Can you imagine being one of the disciples, and seeing that amazing power at work? Jesus’ followers had already seen Him raise the dead and heal many people, but this is the miracle that made them ask, “Who can this be?” I think the disciples knew that only God has authority like that, and this raw power really hit them like lightning. (Get it? Lightning? Okay, I’m done.) And all He says is “Where is your faith?” Wow.

It makes me think about all the times when I begin to freak out about one thing or another  without even thinking about praying. I’m sure Jesus would not have questioned them if they had been praying with true faith that God would save them if it was His will. But their minds were probably only filled with fear. This is a good reminder of how powerful our God really is, and how foolish it is to allow fear to overcome before remembering Who controls everything in our lives.

I want to encourage you guys to always look at the Bible with fresh eyes and a fresh heart. Always look for something new. Don’t allow your mind to be numb toward Scripture. You may be missing things without even realizing it! I’m going to try to be more intentional about this too, and I’m really looking forward to what I’ll learn!

Are you also trying to be more adventurous and intentional about your Bible reading? I’d love to hear about! Leave a comment below. 


Meg March is me, I am Meg March

Photo Via Pinterest

As a young girl reading Little Women I always wanted to be like Jo March. She was fun and spritely and witty, and had really lively friends. She was a passionate writer and a (sometimes impractical) thinker. She was bold and said what she thought with frankness. In some ways I am like Jo: I am a writer and a (sometimes too practical) thinker. Sometimes I just outright “say it how it is” without thinking twice about how it might effect other people. But, as much as I aspired to be a Jo, I’m a Meg through and through.

I am the down to earth oldest sister, who may be seen as the wet blanket in a group of siblings and/or cousins because of my conscious and practicality. I am proud to a fault, and it’s my pride that keeps me stoic sometimes. I try my very best to keep our home running smoothly, effectively, and cheerfully, but I tend to find myself complaining about the very same things Meg does.

“Why do I have to deal with kids who can be so unpleasant sometimes?”

“I wish I had nicer clothes and plenty of money to spend on things and outings.”

“I wish I had lots of fun friends like so and so.”

“I wish I was as accomplished as so and so.”

And just like Meg, I have not yet fully “learned to know how rich [I am] in blessings which alone can make life happy.” (From Little Women by Louisa May Alcott) But, I am learning. I may not be able to afford the wardrobe I want, but I’m never hungry. I may not be able to go on expensive outings, but I have a comfortable home where all my physical needs are met. I may not have tons of friends, but I have parents, grandparents, aunts, uncles, siblings, and cousins who truly love and care about me. I may not be greatly accomplished, but God has blessed me with many hobbies and gifts that I could maybe some day use to the point of being accomplished.


Photo Via Pinterest

I want to encourage all the seemingly overlooked and depressed or discouraged Meg’s out there. Don’t be discouraged! God made you the way you are with a plan in mind. Remember that, even though Meg wanted to live in luxury and be pampered the rest of her life, she married a kind, lovely man and had sweet children and lived in a cottage where she had to work hard and was never wealthy, but she was happy and content. (That sounds like a dream to me!)

Which of the characters in Little Women do you identify with the most? Are you encouraged by the wise words in this 150+ year old classic? Leave a comment! 

A Busy Few Weeks

Can you guess what these past few weeks have been like? Yep, busy. So I’m just going to do a recap with a lot of pictures because we’ve done some fun things lately!

I’ll start with the Owl Cafe. This place was CUTE! It had that 50’s diner feel down. Add plenty of New Mexico charm and you get, well, cuteness. I got a California burger, which was pretty tasty (and HUGE). The fries were super good too. For a pre-meal snack they give you little bowls of homemade beans with a spoonful of green chile on top. Uh, YUM!


We’ve been getting a lot of storms and clouds lately. One storm interrupted a youth group soccer/ultimate frisbee evening at the park. Everyone barely made it into their cars before it started hailing like crazy. The only casualties were a few pizzas that were forgotten on the grass. But that was quickly forgotten by me when I saw the double rainbow. Ahhhh it was beautiful!

My Auntie Ali flew in on Sunday! She’s leaving today, which is sad, but we’ve had a lot of fun with her.

We went to a Taco Cabana. This one was particularly adorable!

Mom, Auntie, Liz, and I went to Flying Star Cafe for a fun and relaxing all girls hour. I had a delicious cup of earl grey tea and a gluten free brownie.

Yesterday for mom’s birthday we went to Old Town Albuquerque. Many of the buildings there had been built in 1706. It was pretty neat!

So, it’s been a lot of fun! What have you guys been busy with lately?