“We have nothing, if not belief.”


Hey everyone! This is my first blog post, so I think I’ll start with something near and dear to my heart.

I was first brought into the world of Narnia in our cozy little living room. The fireplace was on one end of the room, a fat peach rocking chair on the other, and our little family snuggled up together in the middle. Dad opened up his favorite childhood book and began reading.

Once there were four children whose names were Peter, Susan, Edmund, and Lucy.”

Since then, the wonderful, magical place called Narnia has been like a second home to me, just like many children over the past 60+ years. As a Christian though, it has elements that touch me deeply.  It showed God’s character to me at a young age more realistically than Sunday school ever could. It made heaven more of a physical place in my mind. It started my love for fantasy, and reading in general, and inspired me to write my own stories. As an older kid, I still consult these beautiful stories for answers to more deep, spiritual questions that C. S. Lewis has somehow woven in. (How did he do that so effortlessly?)

These stories will always be special to me. I look forward to the day when I can share them with my own children!

How did you get introduced to Narnia? Leave a comment!