Christmas on a Budget


Holidays, Christmas especially, can be expensive. But they don’t have to be! Thanks to Pinterest, the Dollar Store, sales, and creativity you don’t have to drain your bank account.


The Dollar Store

You can get so much here and not spend more than $15! After some quick Pinterest searches we got enough inspiration for how we wanted to decorate using things that only cost one dollar each. We got several tubes of assorted ornaments, lights, plastic snowflakes, a little gold tinsel tree, faux flowers to make a wreath, bells, tinsel strands, and some suction hooks. We hung the ornaments from an arched entryway to our living room with some white thread and it turned out so pretty! We did the same with the snowflakes on the light fixture in our dining room. The lights, tinsel, and everything else got sprinkled here and there around the downstairs

But you can get much more than decorations from the Dollar Store! I was surprised by the giant selection of wrapping paper, and now that all my presents are wrapped I can say it is decent quality. There were several sizes of rolls so be sure to get your money’s worth with a 50 yard roll instead of a 15 yard roll for the same price. They had so many cute designs to choose from, it was a hard choice! They had a good nerdy selection too, for the Star Wars, Disney, or superhero fan. They also have two packs of tape, bags of bows, and all kinds of ribbon

I didn’t do any actual Christmas gift shopping there, but there’s definitely some great things you can use for gifts! Mugs, candy, hair accessories, nail polish, stationary, mittens… Sounds like the perfect start to a girly gift basket to me!


Homemade gifts

Since I’m not good at sewing or knitting/crocheting, I like to make things like cookies, truffles, candied or spiced nuts, peppermint bark, essential oil roller bottles, body scrubs, sprays, creams, whatever I can think of! Sometimes I give my art away too. My paresnts and grandparents still have my ooollllddd (cringey) paintings out as decor. If you’re good at poetry or scrapbooking or photography or anything creative you could use those talents and make a lovely, heartfelt gift.


Sales and Discount Stores

Keep an eye out for things on sale and don’t shy from places like thrift stores or flea markets! Books are amazingly cheap at most thrift stores and it doesn’t take much searching to find a gem. Antiques are also super cool to give as gifts, and if someone you know has a record player, a record would be a neat gift! I also love places like TJ Maxx, Ross, and Target if I’m looking for new gifts for cheaper or on sale. Amazon is also a great place to find almost anything and if you have Prime you get free shipping AND you don’t have to leave your nice cozy bed— ehm, I mean, house. 



Last year after Christmas we threw away our artificial tree. It was old and dusty and ratty, and my parents just decided they’d get another one this year. Come Christmastime this year, we weren’t able to get a replacement! We just accepted it and were all fine, but I did pray and I told God that even though it’s silly, it would be really awesome if my parents found a tree for free or even very cheap. Two days later my dad dragged in a GIANT prelit tree that is barely an inch from our ceiling. It was free from someone in our neighborhood who didn’t want it anymore. I kinda choked up when I told my mom about the prayer that I was a little embarrassed to pray, that God answered so beyond what I imagined. It may seem silly to us but God knows how to bless! Keep an eye out for freebies and enter giveaways for decorations and/or gifts. Every day it seems like one AMAZING giveaway (at least — sometimes there’s more!) shows up in my Instagram feed and it doesn’t take more than a couple minutes or less to enter!


Secret Santa

Since there are so many of us kids we’ve had a tradition of Secret Santa for almost 10 years. Each kid is assigned a sibling and they get to be that persons Secret Santa, which includes buying that person a gift with a price limit ($5, $10, $15) and some years we’ve done little things like made each other little snacks or secretly helped with chores. It’s fun and mysterious and, if you have a lot of siblings, it would help you save money!


I know these tips are too late to help this year, but hopefully you can use them next year if you have a limited budget like me!







2 thoughts on “Christmas on a Budget

  1. These are some great ideas for sure! It’s too bad I’m reading this AFTER Christmas, because I kind of forgot about the Dollar Store for gift wrap! I will have to remember that for birthdays, and Christmas next year.
    I hope you had a good Christmas! That’s really cool about the tree you guys got. 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

    • I came up with the idea for this post literal DAYS before Christmas when I had all my shopping done so I was like, Well, good ideas for next year I guess. 😂

      We did, thank you! I hope you did too! It is. 😊❤️


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