Being an Oldest Sister: Pros and Cons

1. Pro:

You get first dibs and first say in pretty much everything.







“You want the leftover coffee? HAHAHA YOU THOUGHT!”


2. Con:

You also are responsible for pretty much everything.

“How was I supposed to know they didn’t make their bed?”


3. Pro:

All your siblings look up to you and adore you.

4. Con:

They fight for your approval.

“But I love ALL of you. Equally.”


5. Pro:

You get to stay up late and hang out with your parents.

“Binge Parks and Rec and gobble ice cream? YeAS PLEAZZZ!”


6. Con:

Finishing a conversation with them in the middle of the day is rare.

*How I look when a sibling interrupts me for the millionth time*


7. Pro:

There’s always someone to cuddle with.

8 thoughts on “Being an Oldest Sister: Pros and Cons

  1. I get some of this as a fellow big sister! My little brothers and sisters weren’t as young as yours. Uncle Ryan didn’t want to snuggle much past we were 1 and 3. I think your pros outweigh the cons for sure though!

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  2. While some of these may be after my time, I can totally remember some of these being phenomena of little sister reality.

    1. Must be post- Drew. Or I just was completely oblivious.
    2. Ok let’s be fair, you ALWAYS wanted that power!
    3. They sure did, fearless leader. Used to drive me nuts.
    4. Sure? Not I. Then again, I was just a black sheep wandering along my own path.
    5. Oh ho, becoming relaxed in their advancing ages, are they?
    6. I don’t know. I usually just keep talking anyways.
    7. ..Huh? Is that what the kids do these days?

    I say all with the love and antagonistic intentions of a big brother.

    Your fandom is showing just a little bit.

    This stupid phone deleted my message. I typed all this twice.

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    • HAH! Somehow I got absolutely no notifications of any comments on this post (?!?) but I would say the parents are a bit more lenient. 😂 And yes I’m pretty sure you were oblivious to 75% of everything. 😂


  3. Haha, I love this post, Abbie! I totally agree with it too. The only thing that doesn’t really apply to me is the ‘fighting for your approval thing’. But that’s just because I only have one younger sibling. If I had more, they would probably fight for my approval. XD But that picture with the deer!!! That is hilarious! 😀
    Also I love the Martin Freeman gifs. He has a reaction for everything. 🙂
    Great post!

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