The Coronation: A Book Review 

Last month I read The Coronation (The Tales of Tarsurella Book 1) by Livy Jarmusch (find her online magazine here!). It is a fiction, almost fantasy that takes place in the 21st Century (how cool is that?!?). This book includes many good, Christian themes, but I think the one that stood out to me most was guarding your heart. 

This story gives voice to several main characters: the royal siblings, their romantic interests, the retiring king of Tarsurella, and the royal staff. Most of the book follows the events of the eldest royal child Addison’s coronation and search for the right wife and queen. It also follows along with some of his younger sisters and their romantic interests. 

The climax was completely unexpected on my part, and it was nice to be surprised by something so exciting as opposed to seeing it coming from the first chapters.

 I breezed through The Coronation in one day, which is something I haven’t done in years! The ending left me wanting more and I absolutely can’t wait for part 2! 

This book was so entertaining but it had so many good lessons masterfully sprinkled throughout. One wasn’t sacrificed for the other in this story. Jesus was presented to readers very plainly. I was so touched and even convicted at parts that I couldn’t hold back tears. You just know the author loves Jesus. 

There are an abundance of characters which means that everyone who reads it should find at least one that they can relate to, and even learn from. 

I related a lot to Addison, and a bit to both Chastity and Hope. Also I love that one of the staff is named Clark, and he ends up being a hero. I couldn’t help but compare him to one of my favorite fictional heroes who shares his name. (I have yet to ask Miss Jarmusch if this was done intentionally or not. *winks at Livy*) 

So if you’re itching to read a book with adventure, romance, engaging characters and plot, a most importantly a focus on Christ, you will love The Coronation! 

Thank you so much Livy for allowing me to be a part of this blog tour! 

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