I Guess I’m Just Weird


I guess I’m just weird.

A sore thumb.

An odd one out.

Not belonging in any sort of clique.

I’m a nerd, but you wouldn’t know it unless you set me on the right conversation path.
And even with the nerds, I don’t fit in a certain group.
My favorite comic book hero is Superman.
I love Star Wars and Star Trek.
I’ve never read Harry Potter.

I love to write, but I’ve never finished a project.
Never written “The End”.
Never said “Can you read my book?”
Never known my own characters as well as I should,
Even though they are the children of my own imagination.

I’m homeschooled, and yet I’ve never known a homeschool family quite like mine.
I am not completely cut off from the world.
I enjoy the good parts of our culture, including Pop culture.
I dress modestly, but I wear pants and shorts, and I try to keep up with the trends
And yet we’re still conservative.

I have my own fashion sense, I like to dress smartly and stylishly.
But I don’t always have the means to buy the wardrobe I want.
My outfits always feel somehow off to what my peers are wearing.
I do wear makeup, not to change my face but to enhance what beauty God has given me.
I’ve never met someone who dressed quite like me.

I love all things domestic, although this isn’t forced upon me.
I love the thought of being a housewife, a stay at home mom.
The thought of educating my own children excites me,
Much more that the thought of four extra years of educating myself in a university.
And yet my generation pines after college as if its the only option, and young people like me are considered as a waste of potential by the World.

I guess I’m just weird.

I don’t fit into a circle.

And you know what?

I think I’m okay with that.


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