There and Back Again 

I’m so, so sorry about my delay in writing a post guys. It’s been almost a month I think! That’s awful! 

As some of you may know, I went on a week long trip to Arizona very recently. I thought I’d write a little about it and share some pictures with you all! Altogether we drove for about 16 hours, but it was blissful. Besides the dogs barking that is. I watched the epic classic Ten Commandments, read, blogged, and ate for the first 6 hour stretch (ABQ-Flagstaff).Driving into the campground at Flagstaff was magical – it was so cool and fresh and hidden in hills and pine trees. We set up camp and ate tortilla soup, and then we loaded back up and took a short trip to downtown Flagstaff. It was so much fun, and my only disappointment with the trip was that we didn’t get to visit again. We went to the cutest coffee shop and I enjoyed a delicious cappuccino. After all the older people were supplied with caffeine we went back to our trailer, where we snuggled around a campfire and had “delicious hot schmoes.” The next day we woke up early and headed to the Grand Canyon where I promptly got the worst sunburn of my life on my left shoulder. I WAS ONLY IN THE SUN FOR A COUPLE MINUTES PEOPLE! So, if you ever plan on visiting the Grand Canyon (or anywhere where the sun shines) put that sunscreen on. Anywhoo, the Canyon was amazing. The air was so fresh and so chilly and I was dazzled. We spent a good couple of hours there exploring before we drove back to the trailer where an amazing beef roast was waiting in the crockpot (#trailerlyfe). That night we played a game we made up called This or That. Like “Batman or Superman?” or “Spaghetti or Pizza?”. You have to answer and you mustn’t give an explanation. It was fun, especially in front of a nice sized campfire. The next morning we took our time packing up and leaving, which was nice. It took us about 4 hours to get to Tucson, during which I listened to music, watched Back to the Future III*, and stopped in Phoenix for IN-N-OUT. My California longings were temporarily appeased. We drove into Tucson in broad daylight which I don’t think has ever happened.I spent the next 4 1/2 days hanging with my Nana and Pawpaw, Tio, Aunt and Uncle, and all 6 of my cousins. It was a ton of fun.The drive home was quite uneventful besides a stop in Hatch for a snack (oh and I watched Back to the Future II* – yes it was out of order don’t judge 😂). So, that was our trip! Sorry if I bored you out of your mind with my ramblings. 

*disclaimer: I edit movies so I’m able to watch things like Back to the Future 

Have any of you been on fun trips this year? I’d love to hear about them! 

7 thoughts on “There and Back Again 

    • Thank you so much! Yes, it was a ton of fun. Back to the Future is what my family calls “80’s PG”, which basically means it has language and some adult/inappropriate content and would be rated PG-13 if it was made recently. Indiana Jones is a good example of “80’s PG”, so is The Goonies. A lot of those types of movies my parents watched all the time as (non-Christian) kids so they know when to mute/skip. Otherwise we watch stuff on VidAngel. Otherwise they’re some of my favorite movies! Hope that helps! 😁


  1. You didn’t tell the whole story about our exciting stop in Hatch! Chewie relieved himself in front of the restaurant patrons (numero dos), and then Peter spilled our green chile apple pie milkshake in their fake grass. It looked like throw up. Such fun!!! Good memories, anyway.

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