F. C. C. F. #7

Guys, I skipped over 3 entire Fridays! Yikes! It’s been crazy busy, and I’ve felt somewhat sluggish. But I still apologize for neglecting you all. 😂 

So, this weeks fictional character crush is…

DA MAN OF STEEL HIMSELF! And no, not just the Henry Cavill version. Christopher Reeve has a special place in my ❤️. This includes Clark Kent too, not just Superman. 

When I first started crushing on him: When I first watched Superman. I have no idea when that was. 😂

Why he’s crush worthy: His morals. Superman was invented by two Jewish men who basically imagined up a messiah besides Jesus (and created superheroes as we know them in the process). So his morals had to be impeccable. More recently he has been a little shakier (near perfection isn’t admirable in characters anymore which kind of makes me sad) and Zack Snyder’s version of the character is dark and brooding and makes mistakes, but he’s still good. He does the right thing, even if it puts his life or reputation at risk. His kindness. Too sweet for Krypton, that’s why they sent him away. JK, but seriously, he’s so kind. Except to that guy who bothered the lady in the bar and then when Clark tried helping her the jerk dumped beer on his head and then threw a can at him. Clark kinda-sorta-maybe destroyed his semi. 😳 Moving on. His relationship with his mom. Makes me fangirl just thinking about it. Martha and Clark’s relationship is just too adorable. You just know he loves her so much and would do anything (including team up with *gasp* BATMAN) to save her. Just look at him in that top picture with his mommy. CUTENESS OVERLOAD. His courage. He ain’t just called “Man of Steel” because of his superstrength. This guy let himself be captured by bad guys and taken on an “alien” ship to potentially save earth. Also he charged Doomsday holding a spear made of his only weakness (besides “his girls”) which actually *spoilers* *spoilers* *spoilers*. There was also this heartbreaking episode in Justice League Unlimited where he was put into a dream state by a bad guy where all he had ever wanted was reality. Krypton still existed, he lived there with his wife Lois and their son, and everything was perfect. But he had to leave it in order to save Diana and Bruce. Sooo sad, but his courage really shone. He’s a dork. That’s all I’m gonna say. 

Anyone else ever had a crush on Superman? 


5 thoughts on “F. C. C. F. #7

  1. I know nothing of Superman(well nearly nothing) but I can see why you’d like him based on your description! I’m not into superheroes for whatever reason though. I love how you go through your reasons for Fictional Crushing on someone in these- it’s much more constructive than just crushing on them 😂

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    • I’m very much into a few superheroes. And Superman is either my first or second favorite out of them all. 😊

      I’m so glad you like how I do these! ❤️ They’re actually quite challenging and a decent writers exercise. 😉


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