F. C. C. F. #6

This fictional crush is strictly literary, which is my first of that sort. Mikkel is one of the main characters in Lois Walfrid Johnson’s Viking Quest series. The Viking Quest books have been favorites of mine for close to six years, and Mikkel is probably my favorite character. Okay, at first you may feel like he deserves a good punch in the nose, because he starts off as a cruel, arrogant brat. I’m not gonna lie. But as the story progresses you really feel for him and begin to understand him. 

When I first started crushing on him: When I was 10 I think. 

Why he’s crush worthy: He’s smart. Maybe raiding the Irish coast as a fourteen year old in defiance of your fathers wishes isn’t the most intelligent thing to do, but for most of the series Mikkel is wise and calculating, and it’s a joy to read. He’s kind. Once again, it takes a little longer for you to see this part of him. But even when he’s trying to be cool and appear mean and unaffected, his heart gets in the way. He’s a leader. From a young age he is entrusted with men’s lives and is a picture of leadership. He’s rational. Even when he’s angry, he makes the best decisions – except when it came to freeing Bree. That was his heart getting in the way again. He wants to serve God. This is a Christian book series and Mikkel gives his life to Jesus a little while into the series. 

If you haven’t read the Viking Quest series, I encourage you to do so. It’s amazing! 


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