F. C. C. F. #5 

Frodo Baggins is the first LOTR character I had a crush on. And while some may label him as whiny or babyish, I think quite the opposite. I am a Tolkien nerd. I’ve read the (Baggins storyline – hehehe) books, and I love exploring the character of Frodo. 

When I first started crushing on him: Sometime after I watched The Lord of the Rings trilogy for the first time, so anywhere from ages 8-12. 

Why he’s crush worthy: He’s thoughtful. There’s just something about him that brings a studious person to mind. He’s compassionate. Yeah, in the case of Gollum it didn’t work out immediately. But by the end of the story it definitely did. He’s strong. No one else in Middle-earth was strong enough to carry THE ring to Mordor. He’s self sacrificing. He really gave his life to save the word. He’s witty. You have to read the books to discover the heaps of English snark Tolkien imbedded in almost each of his characters. It’s enormously entertaining. He reads a lot. Yep, a proper bookworm. 

What Tolkien character first caught your eye? Leave a comment!  


6 thoughts on “F. C. C. F. #5 

  1. When I was about 8 I loved Pippin and Merry best (I think I loved Pippin more, though, haha). It’s probably because they were goofy, and made the movie a little more lighthearted. 😆

    My favorite character in the Tolkien universe is Bilbo (second is Frodo!), but the character I have a crush on is Faramir because he’s so SWEET. I wish they had given him more time in the movies, because he was great in the books!

    This post made me want to watch and read the whole series again. 😄


    • I love Merry and Pippin too! Especially in the books though. ❤️

      Bilbo is my favorite too! 😃 I wish they would’ve given Faramir more time too. He’s just amazing.

      I’ve been wanting to rewatch them too!


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