F. C. C. F. #4

Jim. Jimothy. Fat Halpert. Big Tuna. Jim from The Office. One does not simply watch The Office as a sentimental female and not fall in love with Jim Halpert. He. Is. Perfection. (Ok, maybe not perfect, but pretty close.) 

When I first started crushing on him: I watched a few Office episodes when I was 9 or 10, and I immediately loved Jim. (Be aware: there are MANY things in this show that are not appropriate for kids, but my parents are master editors.)

Why he’s crush worthy: Uhhh, everything. He’s hilarious, loving, handsome, encouraging, sensitive, compassionate, intuitive, perseverant, kind, adorably awkward, romantic, wise, witty, and I could go on. He’s a great friend to Pam even when he thinks he has no chance with her. He notices a lot of things going on that other people (besides Pam) tend to overlook, like how lonely Michael is or how heartbroken Dwight is after a bump in a relationship. He encourages Pam to pursue her talents even when it means he’ll see less of her. And he never fails to make me laugh. Sigh. Too perfect. And also, the Jim face. It looks like this: 😐

Get out there and watch The Office peeps! (Be sure to have an editor of some sort first.) It’ll make you laugh, it’ll make you cry, it’ll make you “AWW!”, and it will make you hide behind your hands from major embarrassment and awkwardness. Oh, and it’ll make you fall in love with Jim. 


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