F. C. C. F. #3 

Theodore Laurence. Aka Laurie. Aka Teddy. Aka probably every girls favorite half Italian musician. 

When I first started crushing on him: I was probably 9, I can’t remember exactly. I had been watching the movie forever but I read the book at around this age. 

Why he’s crush worthy: He’s really fun and light-spirited, but he can also be serious when he needs to be. He was always there to cheer up his friends and help them laugh at themselves. But he wasn’t gone when things got bad! He knew how to comfort them without getting them to laugh. He’s smart and thoughtful. Sometimes he knew the March sisters better than they knew themselves! He’s really kind. Goodness he’s so sweet! He has problems and he seeks advice on how to solve them. I can’t help feeling like I could help him out so much. I tend to notice that the only character in Little Women who really knew how to deal with Teddy’s antics correctly was Marmee. The March sisters always came off as too blunt, when I think he could’ve used some gentleness. He plays instruments. And well too. He’s super handsome. I’m not just talking about when he was played by a twenty something Christian Bale (*cough cough* Batman *cough*) either, the book description is enough to know that he is a very dashing character. 

In the end I’m still upset that Jo refused Teddy’s marriage proposal. AND THEN MARRIED AMY OF ALL PEOPLE. Ugh, Louisa May Alcott passed away 128 years ago, but people are still not leavening her alone about that one big mistake in her book. In Little Men she kills off John (Brooke, Meg’s husband) which is also a literary mistake in my humble opinion. But that is a point for another post. 

I know I’m not the only one who has had (still have *sheepish laugh*) a crush on Theodore Laurence. Leave a comment if you relate! 


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