Princess in Combat Boots

Today I wore my pretty, blue and pink flower shirt, and pulled my long curly hair up from the sides. Then I decided to pulled on my beloved boots. Jokingly I said to my mom: “Look! I’m a princess in combat boots!” She laughed, and then she said in a serious voice: “That’s what you are.” It made me think. That is what I am. I am a daughter of the King, His princess. But I have to be constantly ready for any spiritual  battle that comes my way. Any trial or tribulation that threatens this princess. And any child of a soldier (or marine, sailor, guardsman, or airman [any other USAF brats out there?]) knows how important boots are to a uniform. 

I have never been a tomboy. As a little girl, I was part of a “threesome” that consisted of two girls and one boy. We would play survival (a disguised version of playing house…shhh…), and we would play superheroes. Sure I would catch toads and grasshoppers, and throw chickens in my best friends barn. But I was never “one of the boys.” Thankfully, my little friend who was a boy would usually defer to what I would like to play, like a true gentleman. I liked my flowery clothes and my princess dress up! I would always ask my mama for a bit of blush on Sunday mornings for my freckled cheeks and nose, and she would always say yes. I think healthy little girls should like to be girls! They should like baby dolls and playing mommy. I believe it’s a God-given trait. Some might say that little girls shouldn’t be too “girly-fied,” that it takes away from their ability to be strong. But if we read the Bible, we see a perfect example of a woman who is strong and confident in the Lord, without sacrificing her femininity. Key words here: in the Lord

Strength and honor are her clothing; She shall rejoice in time to come. Proverbs 31:25

All Christian women and girls should strive to be more like the blessed lady in Proverbs we refer to as the Proverbs 31 woman. And what does Proverbs have to say about her? It doesn’t say she she is “one of the boys” so she’ll feel strong, and it doesn’t say she is too much of a girly diva to get her hands dirty. She is clothed in strength! She works hard day and night to provide a loving, comfortable home for her family, and she is blessed by them. We women are described in 1 Peter 3:7 as being weaker vessels. Vessels are hollow containers, used to hold things. In the Bible the word vessel is a metaphor for the body. Our bodies, or our vessels, are filled with our spirits. So while we girls will generally be behind the guys in physical strength, we can always be working on the strength of our spirits. We Christians are in the middle of a spiritual battle, and it needs princesses in combat boots! 


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