Tucson, Arizona

Everywhere you look there is green, whether it is a hearty mesquite tree, or a towering saguaro. To the east some billowy clouds are coming in. You can expect rain in the next few days, and you catch a scent of it in the refreshing breeze. You hear a rustle at your feet, and see a flash of a lizard as it scuttles for cover in some flowering weeds. A couple mourning doves coo at eachother in the tree above you, and can’t help smiling up at the romantic pair. Rarely do you hear the words “beautiful” and “desert” together, but those who visit Tucson, Arizona may not be able to say anything else about this gorgeous oasis surrounded by mountains. Although it can be scorchingly hot at times, the cooler days are divine, and you appreciate them all the more. If you ever get the pleasure of visiting Tucson, here are my favorite places that should be on your stopping list.

Arizona-Sonora Desert Museum 

  This place is amazing! Its a zoo, historic museum, and botanical garden all rolled into one. It has the most beautiful views, all kinds of native desert animals , and lots of cool cacti. Plus a humming bird enclosure! Oh, and a great gift shop, with tasty coffee and tea – for free if you have a membership!

Old Tucson 

For people who love westerns, this is a must-visit place! Many movies and TV shows were filmed here, including Bonanza and Little House. The costumes above were actually worn by Little House actresses, and are now on display! There is a candy store, gift shops, a train ride, and a big theater that serves snacks, drinks, and entertainment. There are also live shows that take place in the streets and by the “old church.” The cowboys in the picture above are posing with my brothers after one show. Most of the buildings were originally built as movie sets, and are now used for tourism. This place is pretty cool, but it’s not cheap to get in. We went on a special kids day, so the tickets were more affordable for our entire family. This is definitely a fun place. Be sure to bring water, gallons of sunscreen (I’ve got Irish blood, so I’m a bit sun shy), and your own snacks. Oh, cameras too! Just in case you bump into some cattle rustlers or deputies!


(Sorry, I have no pictures…yet) 

Ah, Eegees. You will only find them in and around Tucson, which gives them a place on this exclusive list. What is Eegees, you ask? It is a fastfood restaurant that serves subs and sandwiches, but the real star of the show is their super finely crushed slushies, or Eegees. They have many delectable flavors, my favorite being the orange dream flavor. Can I get a unisonous Yum! They also have a strawberry Eegee that is sweetened with stevia. Yep, you read right. Cero azúcar. For all the Trim Healthy Gals like me out there! Or anyone who’s realized sugar doesn’t exactly like them. Definitely eat lunch at Eegees at least once, or just get an Eegee. It’s worth it!

Here’s an adorable cowboy. Just because. 

Have you ever visited Tucson? What are some great places to visit in your home town? Leave a comment! 

7 thoughts on “Tucson, Arizona

  1. Hi Abby. I just love these pictures of Tucson. You make it sound like a desert paradise. But I think your family should come visit my family in Wasilla, Alaska! I’ve been told it’s where Sarah Palin lives, but I’ve been here 2.5 yrs and not seen her yet! There are lots of great places to see in the “Mat-Su Valley” (it gets its name from the Matanuska and Susitna rivers), but my and Joey’s favorites are: the Iditarod museum, the Reindeer and Musk Ox Farms, Hatcher’s Pass hiking trails and the Matanuska glacier! There’s also great fishing and hunting nearby and moose all over the place. And you have to complete your visit with a drive north to Talkeetna, where you can see Denali if she’s “out” and have Joey’s favorite treat from the Talkeetna Roadhouse, Rudy in a Parka (reindeer sausage, Rudolph the red-nosed one, wrapped in a delicious biscuit)! Just don’t tell the little ones about Rudolph! Do you remember us?
    Christina (Tina) Holland


    • Thanks so much! 😃 I would love to visit Alaska. I’ve heard it’s really pretty! Aww, I definitely remember you guys! I saw a Steve Irwin quote on my moms Facebook as she was skimming through, and I immediately thought of Joey. 😄


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