The Very Hungry Caterpillar

imageDid your grandma or anyone else ever read you the story of the Very Hungry Caterpillar? This particular bug hatches one day, and is hungry. He searches for a snack, and finds an apple. After eating through one apple, he realizes he is still hungry, so he eats through two pears. But then he finds a delectable looking bunch of plums, so he eats through three of those. “Where is she going with this?” you’re probably wondering. Well, towards the end of the story, the caterpillar is no longer hungry – he is very fat! He becomes sleepy, and makes a cocoon around himself. After a while, he wakes up and finds that he is a beautiful, colorful butterfly! If only it could be so for us girls!

One of my first steps in the Highway to Healthy was controlling my eating. When I was 10, I would eat two mountains of chili, and then set aside a bowl for me to eat later when I was hungry again. I ate that way every day. I can’t imagine eating that much now at 5’6 and 50 pounds later! That’s just too much! My mom noticed my borderline unhealthy habits. As a kid she had eaten horribly and excessively, leading to chunky teenage years. She didn’t want that for me. So she gently encouraged me to eat less, and only eat until I was satisfied, not until I had trouble breathing (yes, I would eat that much!). I decided that I didn’t want any weight problems, so I practiced self control, and said no to thirds. I’m not going to say it was easy! I have Hispanic roots, and the cultural love for food and big, family meals rubbed off on me. But eating less didn’t mean I couldn’t enjoy food. In fact, it helped me enjoy it more! God designed eating to be enjoyed. He wants believers to gather together to eat as a time of fellowship. One day we’ll all eat one huge family meal together with God in heaven, when we wont have to worry about eating too much or gaining weight. Until then, we are in control of our eating habits and weight. We want to be beautiful butterflies, not held down by caterpillar-like habits!

Do you struggle with over eating or weight in general? Here are the steps I took to maintaining a healthy body weight:

  1. Only eat until your satisfied
  2. Snack moderately
  3.  Try to eat foods without processed and refined white sugar and flour
  4. Follow the Trim Healthy Mama* guidelines for (in my case) maintaining a healthy weight
  5. Exercise sufficiently (I don’t exercise enough at all, but it’s still part of being healthy! )

* I plan on writing a post about Trim Healthy Mama. Stay tuned! 


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